Volvo SCR system connector

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Volvo SCR catalytic converter system module connector used to connect SCR emulator to any supported Volvo truck (EURO 4, EURO 5, EURO 6).

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Volvo SCR system connector kit now available in our shop. If you have broken connector or damaged pins of connector on SCR system or SCR emulator (or if you have purchased SCR V3 Emulator without connector from our shop) this kit will help you to solve this issue. Now you can replace damaged Volvo SCR system connector or upgrade your SCR V3 emulator (Volvo version comes with connector, but if you purchased Renault version you can upgrade it easy with this kit since the only difference between SCR Emulator V3 versions that Renault emulator version comes without connector but inside you’ll find same hardware and firmware on both versions). You’ll be able to connect SCR V3 Emulator directly without any wire soldering directly on the truck. This kit includes one plastic original Volvo connector and five pins.

Volvo SCR connector compatibility

  • SCR NOx Emulator V4
  • SCR NOx Emulator V3 (discontinued production)

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 cm