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Warranty terms changed for AdBlue Emulator product line

AdBlue Emulator warranty

Due to a large quantity of burned AdBlue Emulator modules, we are forced to change our warranty terms for this product line. We noticed that some of our customers ignore recommendations for installation sequence of AdBlue Emulator products.

These modules are sensitive, and they made so to protect the electronics of the truck. Every AdBlue Emulator has an installation manual, and we provide these manuals for every client right after purchase. The most problematic V4 and V5 series comes with the label that has emulator model, active program state (if programmed to any of supported truck brands), wiring information and finally yet most important warning text that says “Attention! Connect ground cable (brown) first!”. Yes, this is a critical part of the label. This simple sentence is here to protect the emulator module from damage.

We can identify emulators that burned due to improper installation because it burns out a particular part of microchip that is responsible for CAN connection. Why does it happen? We can write a lot of text to explain it, but the reason is simple – ignoring the rules of installation. So the primary and most critical rule is to connect ground wire first before connecting other wires of the emulator to the truck and disconnect the ground wire last when all other wires disconnected when you’re uninstalling the emulator. That’s it, simple and clear. The Same rule applies for connecting V4 emulator to V4 emulator programmer.

We decided to tighten warranty terms. From now every emulator will be inspected individually by our warranty service specialists. If we determine that the emulator burned out due to improper installation, this emulator will lose its warranty. Same applies to flooded devices. Also, we will not cover back shipping costs if emulator will not meet our warranty conditions.

AdBlue Emulator warrantyFrom now all V4 and V5 emulators will be shipped with an additional red label just to remind that it’s critical to connect ground wire first.

All emulators with different issues will be repaired or changed to new items normally as it was to this day. We want to remind you that all emulators in our shop have a limited 12-month warranty.

If you are in doubt about the installation process and you think that you might need help, please contact us for more information.