CAN Gateway (CAN filter) module

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CAN Gateway is a perfect solution to filter out original mileage data from CAN network data after mileage correction.


CAN Gateway for Mercedes-Benz designed to filter out old mileage data from CAN network data and prevent restore of original mileage state in-vehicle dashboard (odometer counter). CAN Gateway doesn’t interfere with any vehicle electronic system, it will not generate Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) errors on the OBD system after install. Now you can change mileage state with your preferred mileage correction tool on all supported vehicles.

Mercedes CAN filter

CAN Gateway CAN filter fully compatible with Mercedes-Benz C (W204), C (205), E (W207), S (W222), GLK (X204), E (W212), CLS (W218), SLS (W197), CLA (W117), ML (W166), GL (X166), SLK (R172), A (W176), SL (R231), B (W246), G (W463-06/2012), V (447) vehicles. These modules blocks old mileage data from Mercedes-Benz EZS module. If you have installed a filter on Mercedes-Benz vehicle in EZS module, then original dealer workshop scanner (like Mercedes Star Diagnosis Multiplexer or Xentry) will show same mileage in EZS as in vehicles instrument cluster. Also works with older vehicles like E-class W211, S-class W220, Sprinter. Mercedes-Benz filter can be installed also in the instrument cluster, but in this case, old odometer mileage value will stay in EZS-EIS.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm

1 year warranty