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DAF VCI 560 is the latest diagnostic tool designed for maintenance and programming of DAF heavy vehicles like trucks, buses and other. Software included.

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DAF VCI 560 (DAVIE XDc II) designed for diagnostic and maintenance of DAF trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles. It comes with software and allows you to make diagnostics and programming for DAF vehicles. It’s a DAF dealer workshop tool so it is capable to do everything that is available for DAF dealer workshops (depending on software). Supports all protocols, electronic modules and systems on all compatible DAF vehicles. There is no other and better DAF tool. DAF VCI 560 is easy to connect to vehicle and PC, user friendly and doesn’t requires any special knowledge. Highly recommended for those who makes installation of AdBlue emulators on DAF trucks, especially on LF series. This tool is suitable for large truck maintenance workshops and for individual truck maintenance professionals. Some diagnostic and programming options for DAF trucks are available only with this tools.


  • DAF CAB climate system;
  • DAF safety system;
  • DAF security system;
  • DAF transmission system;
  • DAF vehicle control system;
  • DAF door control system;
  • DAF instrumentation system;
  • DAF engine system;
  • DAF tachograph;
  • DAF communication system;
  • DAF after treatment system;
  • DAF break system;

DAF VCI 560 kit

  • DAF VCI 560 diagnostic adapter;
  • VCI-USB Cable for connection with PC;
  • VCI¬†Diagnostic cables ODU-OBD2, ODU-USB;

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