Iveco Eltrac

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Iveco Eltrac kit with Iveco Easy software is the most powerful diagnostic solution for Iveco (also Daewoo, TATA trucks and IRISBUS) vehicles on the market.

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Iveco Eltrac diagnostic tool in conjunction with Iveco Easy diagnostic software allows you to work with diagnosis and maintenance of Iveco trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles. It’s a most powerful diagnostic interface that you can get for Iveco vehicles. It is designed for Iveco dealer workshops so it has everything you need for work and supports all compatible vehicles. With this diagnostic device you’ll be able to diagnose and program Iveco vehicle components quickly and easily. Iveco Easy software that comes with Iveco Eltrac tool is easy to use and doesn’t requires special knowledge. Device itself is ready for heavy duty use and equipped with a Bluetooth communication channel for comfortable work.

Iveco Eltrac features

  • Carry out Active Diagnosis by local checking the activation and the working of the components without the help of other operators.
  • A better ergonomy during diagnosis operation without the hindrance and limitations of the cable.
  • Check the parameters of the vehicle on-board systems.
  • Supports Daewoo, TATA trucks and IRISBUS

IVECO Eltrac kit

  • Eltrac Communication Interface (ECI) – diagnostic interface;
  • Bluetooth module for Eltrac Communication Interface;
  • Iveco 99331057 – OBD2 cable;
  • Iveco 99327017 – 30 pin cable;
  • USB cable for PC connection;
  • Iveco E.A.SY. 8.1.3 (Full Programming);

Iveco Easy software

  • Italian, Spanish, French, English, German, Czech, Danish, Hungarian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Croatian, Greek, Russian, Korean

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm

1 year warranty