Scania VCI 1

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Scania VCI 1 is a first tool from the Scania VCI tool range. It supports vehicles made until 2004 year and compatible only with Scania SD2 and SP2 software.

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This tool needs PC with RS232 (COM PORT) or USB-RS232 converter or adapter.

Scania VCI 1 is a first diagnostic and programming tool in the range Scania VCI interfaces. Scania VCI 1 is capable to work with various Scania vehicles like trucks and buses made before 2004 year. Later and latest models of Scania vehicles are not supported by this tool. Scania VCI 2 is not supported by Scania SDP3 diagnostic and programming software, it needs Scania SD2 (Scania Diagnos) software and Scania SP2 (Scania Programmer) software (provided with a tool). Also it has no USB connection, instead it uses old fashioned COM port connection (RS232) so you need a PC with RS232 (COM) port or just USB to RS232 converter adapter.

Scania VCI1 supported systems

  • APS – Air processing system;
  • BWS – Body work system;
  • BCS – Bus chassis system;
  • EBS – Brake management system;
  • EEC – Exhaust emission control system;
  • EMS – Engine management system;
  • COO – Coordinator;
  • ICL – Instrument cluster;
  • TCO – Tachograph system
  • ATA, WTA, CTS and AUS – Auxiliary heater system, Clock timer system, Radio;
  • OPC and RET – Gearbox management system;
  • SMS – Suspension management system;
  • RTI – Road traffic information;
  • TPM – Tyre Pressure Monitoring;
  • LDW – Lane Departure Warning;

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