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SCR emulator, why you might need one and how it works

SCR emulators

SCR emulator is a device designed to override the onboard SCR system ECU and assure that engine ECU and other related electronic modules get the accurate data necessary for standard functionality. Emulator replaces SCR system ECU and makes it discreetly, without any negative impact on other vehicle systems. But let’s look up closer how it works and why this device might be interesting to you.

How does the SCR catalyst work?

SCR or Selective Catalytic Reduction system widely used on modern diesel trucks and other heavy vehicles to reduce NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions. NOx emissions rise when diesel fuel burns at a higher temperature with a more significant amount of air necessary for the normal combustion process. It makes the diesel engine more efficient — moreover, additional NOx emissions generated on DPF (diesel particulate filter) regeneration process. Exhaust gas temperature is raised artificially by engine ECU to burn out the diesel particulate matter from DPF filter Continue reading SCR emulator, why you might need one and how it works

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AdBlue Emulator V4 programmable parameters

AdBlue Emulator V4 for EURO 5 trucks

AdBlue Emulator V4 modules allow setting several parameters. Those parameters depend on the truck type. Only DAF LF software has no additional settings, and it’s ready to run right out of the box. For other trucks, it is possible to change such parameters like VIN code and AdBlue tank level for better compatibility.

If you’re ordering one or several AdBlue Emulator modules (not the bulk kit of modules), please write us a note what custom settings we should program.

It’s highly recommended to set the VIN code if you want a DAF version (except DAF LF). It’s necessary for compatibility and to avoid possible DTC errors. Please use the Additional information > Order notes (bottom of the checkout page) text field to write us a message and specify how we should prepare your AdBlue Emulator modules.

If you need a programmer for V4 emulators, you can purchase it separately as it is available in our shop. Free programmers provided only with bulk kit orders (at least ten unit kit). Programmer supports just V4 type emulators, and it’s impossible to use it with other emulator types.

For those who have ordered a bulk kit of ten, twenty, fifty or even one hundred emulators we recommend to connect each emulator to the PC and check out the settings and if necessary to alter them. We offer at least one free USB programmer adapter required to connect your emulator module to the PC with every bulk order. Don’t forget to do it before installing the emulator on any truck since we do not program modules for bulk orders. Continue reading AdBlue Emulator V4 programmable parameters