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SCR emulators now available in kits of one hundred units (+ five free programming modules) for a better price. Our SCR emulators support Volvo, Renault, DAF, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco, Scania and FORD trucks or other compatible vehicles.


Note! We do not program emulators for bulk orders. If you want to purchase pre-programmed emulators, please use single unit product card for each type of emulator. If you buy a bulk kit of emulators, we will provide all necessary tools, software, and instructions for programming. Only the V4 emulators with Volvo plugs in bulk orders shipped already programmed and ready to use.

SCR Emulator Kit 100x includes (one hundred) emulator devices of selected emulator model type. At this moment we can offer five different types of SCR emulators for a better price per unit by purchasing this kit (please keep in mind that every package contains only one type of emulators there is no way of mixing different kinds in one kit). So if you need hundred or more emulators of the particular model, this is the best offer on the market. As we mentioned, we could provide five different types of SCR emulators and these emulators depending on model are compatible with trucks and other heavy vehicles manufactured by Scania, Iveco, Volvo, Renault, MAN, DAF, Mercedes-Benz, and FORD. Our emulators provide widest compatibility range on the market, and it means that we can offer you SCR emulators for almost any truck that has SCR system and even NOx sensor onboard. Also, we need to remind you that some models of emulators are capable of replacing SCR system entirely. For example, if you have a truck that has completely damaged SCR system, and it can’t operate normally due to the limp mode of the engine caused by OBD errors of SCR system, but you need to use this truck we can help you with that. Just plug in supported SCR emulator and you’re ready to run because our emulator devices completely replace SCR ECU module of the truck, it’s not just CAN signal and data filtering, it’s a complete full emulation of SCR ECU module and NOx sensor module. SCR Emulators designed to be safe to use, it means that there will be no interference with other electronic modules and systems of the truck. The vehicle will work correctly, there will be no additional exhaust smoke, there will be no power or torque loss, and of course, there will be no OBD errors or limp mode for engine and gearbox. Everything you need to do is to install emulators according to all installation rules (we will provide all data that you need for proper installation).

SCR Emulators

  • SCR Emulator V4 NOx – programmable, there is a special programming adapter available in our shop. You’ll get five programming adapters with this kit for free. Supports trucks made by Volvo, Renault (DXi/Magnum), MAN, Iveco and DAF (DAF LF Grundfos and DAF XF). Emulates SCR system and NOx sensor. Could be installed on the truck with damaged or inoperative SCR system.
  • SCR Emulator V4 NOx with Volvo plug – same as V4, but also has an additional Volvo plug for easier direct connection.
  • SCR Emulator V5 NOx – programmable, supports trucks made by DAF (except DAF LF), Iveco, MAN, Renault, Volvo, Scania, and FORD. Some other vehicles also compatible, but we recommend it to use with DAF, MAN, Iveco, Renault, Volvo and FORD trucks as we have better solutions for vehicles of other manufacturers. Emulates SCR system and NOx sensor. The system can be damaged or inoperative.

SCR emulator installation manuals

Attention! SCR emulators are illegal in some countries. You should check your local laws or laws of those countries that you might cross with your vehicle. SCR emulator alters SCR system thus makes the vehicle to produce higher exhaust gas emissions. EURO 6 and EURO 5 vehicles equipped with SCR emulator device will no longer match those EURO standards. Our SCR emulators designed for countries where environmental rules are less strict, and there are no requirements for vehicles to satisfy EURO 6 or EURO 5 regulations. By purchasing any SCR emulator, you assume full responsibility for the use of the device. It’s your personal decision to use an emulator or not. We will not accept any liability for any consequences associated with usage of SCR emulator devices.

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Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 50 cm

1 year warranty